A decentralised autonomous organisation for planetary resilience solutions

I believe that to drive solutions for planetary resilience using emerging technologies, an unprecedented effort of interdisciplinary science and engineering needs to happen. There are many inefficiencies in the current model of academic institutions and funding, and that is why I am committed to imagining and shaping a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) to drive planetary resilience technologies. These technologies include concepts such as terraforming and biogeoengineering (see my Research page).

What is a DAO?

A DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation that is built on blockchain and crypto technology. It is a community that includes incentives and governance on the community level. Sound like gibberish? Don't worry, you're in the majority. To get a feel for the possibilities of DAOs, watch this video. Want to know more? Contact me, read this book, or check out how this DAO for longevity therapeutics works. And join the community on Discord for learning and to come with us on the journey.

"A research DAO will level the field and foster true collaboration

between researchers from around the world"

A research DAO will level the field and foster true collaboration between researchers from around the world, including the Global South. How deep-seated is the bias against researchers from the Global South? Why should we care, in the context of geoengineering? I explain this in a series of articles I wrote during my PhD.

If you want to provide advice or collaborate on building a DAO for research and engineering solutions tackling planetary resilience, reach out to me --> Contact me

Impakter - a Series on Geoscience in a Context of Globalisation and Emerging Technology

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In a series of four articles about science, millennial scientist Jesse Zondervan delves into the future of geoscience applications in relation to the rise of globalisation.

Millennial Scientists in a Segregating World — The Role of Science in Shaping Society

Dealing with risk – Are we ready to deal with high-impact, complex and uncertain science?

Geoscience as a tool in the twenty-first century