Dr. Jesse Zondervan

Geology & Geomorphology

Geomorphology, Geochronology, Topographic Analysis

PDRA at Durham University,

University of Oxford from Sept. 2021

I am a geoscience research-trained geomorphologist working as a Postdoc at Durham University. I have a background in field geology, geomorphology, geochronology (OSL) and environmental sciences and have a particular interest in field geomorphology and spatial/topographic analysis as well as rock engineering, palaeoclimatology, neotectonics, geochemistry, geoarchaeology and science communication.

After graduating in geology from Imperial College, I pursued a PhD at Plymouth University. I have also worked at the Risø Nordic Centre for Luminescence Research in Copenhagen as a visiting PhD. Since March 2021 I am working on the ROC-CO2 project at Durham University as a postdoc.

I am involved in science communication and I am the Content Editor for Geology for Global Development (GfGD) .


Surface processes controlling mountain landscape evolution

Properties of rock (e.g. lithology, rock strength, chemistry) in relation to geomorphology

Quaternary climate, the carbon cycle and its impact on human evolution and cultures

Development and application of novel dating approaches

Impakter - a Series on Geoscience in a Context of Globalisation and Emerging Technology

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In a series of four articles about science, millennial scientist Jesse Zondervan delves into the future of geoscience applications in relation to the rise of globalisation.

Geoscience as a tool in the twenty-first century

Dealing with risk – Are we ready to deal with high-impact, complex and uncertain science?

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